Cibotica is a hub of invention and creativity where we take on challenges and craft innovative solutions. Our story began when three friends came together to revolutionize the restaurant industry after one of the founders faced the firsthand struggles of outdated operations. At Cibotica, we’re dedicated to improving and modernizing the industry for the better.



Transform the way food is made and tackle the restaurant industry’s most pressing problems. At Cibotica we are devoted to making a meaningful impact on the industry and the world.




Cibotica envisions a future where a network of fully automated kitchens revolutionizes food production and distribution. These kitchens will be interconnected and use cutting-edge robotic technology to handle all aspects of food production, increasing efficiency, and quality. They will be available 24/7 to ensure affordable and nutritious food access to communities and will use sustainable practices to minimize food waste and use renewable energy sources. Cibotica aims to create inclusive solutions that generate maintenance, operation, and management jobs.