Today’s food system is living in the past.

Today’s food system is living in the past.

Old Ways

Restaurants are still operating with business models and processes from 30 or 40 years ago. Owners are stretched, workers are stressed out, and consumers are missing out.

Not there yet

New technologies have been brought in, but they’ve focused on improving current processes with data and software.

The issue

They haven’t actually touched the key issue: food and the way restaurants handle it. This is where fundamental change is needed (and where the most gains can be made).

We know the problem and the solution

Cibotica has experience on both sides of this problem (as restaurant owners ourselves) and solution (as technology experts).


Robotics expert: Soroush Sefidkar

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Soroush has founded two robotic companies and led the teams behind the first Canadian security robot and an autonomous UV inspection robot. He holds a Masters degree in Mechatronics Engineering from SFU.

Technology expert: Daryoush Sahebjavaher

Chief Technical Officer

Daryoush is the inventor and patent holder of multiple technological inventions such as smart insoles and THC breathalyzers. He is a second-time founder with a Masters degree in Mechatronics from UBC.

Restaurant expert: Ashkan Mirnabavi

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Ash has founded companies in hospitality, food-tech, and Saas. 5 years ago he bought three restaurants. He’s been suffering ever since.

Meet the Team

Advisory Board


Business Strategy & Fundraising Advisor

Ex-CEO of Picnic, the first robotic pizza maker, an entrepreneur at heart with over 10 years of experience launching companies and has over 20 years of experience as a CEO and COO.


Sales & Marketing

Ex-CMO of Picnic, the first robotic pizza maker with almost 20 years of experience in marketing, brand development, and leveraging the digital marketing space.


Robotics & AI

A serial entrepreneur and senior robotics software engineer, with over 13 years of experience in robotics, computer vision, and R&D management.


Business Operations and Supply Chain Advisor

Ex-Senior Manager of Apple. Over 30 years of operational experience in Supply Chain Management, Consulting Services, and Investments.


Design & Manufacturing Advisor

Co-inventor of the world’s first salad-making robot. Employee #1 of Silicon Valley food robotics pioneer Chowbotics.

Collaboration is key

Given our experience in both restaurants and technology, we’re sensitive to the challenges and consequences that come with new innovations. Fundamentally, we want to help the whole food system innovate and improve, and hope to collaborate with other technologies to create a better system for all.