A restaurant’s helping hand

Remy helps QSR owners plug the labor gap and grow their business.

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How Remy works

Accurate. Fast. Seamless.


Remy is a restaurant’s helping hand.


Remy gives owners more time to operate the business and look after their staff.


Remy shifts the whole restaurant environment from one of stress to satisfaction.

Customer Experiences

Spend more time interacting with customers, creating higher order values & loyalty.

World-first technology

Food dispensing is the most challenging aspect in food robotics due to the inconsistency of ingredients.

  • Current solutions are too large, slow and constraining.
  • Our agnostic dispenser can handle ingredients of various sizes, shapes, textures and preparation methods. It’s both compact and fast.

Plug and play

QSRs don’t have to change their systems, layouts or menus, and start seeing value immediately.

  • Cibotica’s team monitors Remy remotely, providing maintenance and support throughout.
  • In the future, QSRs can add further functionality with modules for hot food, packaging and more.

Collaborative approach

Cibotica has experience as both restaurant owners and technologists. We want to collaborate with the industry to ensure its gets the best from automation.

  • We open to collaborations with other technologies to create a better system for all.

  • We’re sensitive to the challenges and consequences that come with new technologies.