Creating a better food system

Cibotica is a technology company automating the food assembly process with robotic solutions.

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  • Industry Facts

Unfulfilled Jobs
in restaurants are
3,700,000 by 2028

80% Closing down
in QSR business
within the first 5 yrs

Food Wastages
is 5M tons annually
in the US & Canada

We use automation to help Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) owners fill the gap and grow their business

The state of the industry

Three factors have led us to create Remy – an automated salad and bowl make line.

Helping QSRs plug the labor gap

Cibotica’s first product is Remy – a high-tech line cook that makes food preparation more efficient, accurate, and less labor intensive.

Get the data you need

  • Reduces waste by 50%

  • Up to 300 bowls per hour

  • Faster orders (19x quicker)

No operational changes

Remy replaces the standard make line fridge with a modular design and customization capabilities.

  • No change to your operational layout

No menu changes

Remy is the world’s first truly ingredient-agnostic dispenser, capable of working with any ingredient regardless of its size, shape, texture and preparation.

  • No need to change menus or remove ingredients
  • No change to how you prep food

Faster operations

Unlike typical robotic arms that are slower than humans, Remy can prepare up to 300 bowls per hour.

  • Easily cleaned and maintained

  • Provides real-time insights on inventory, order flow and costs

Automatic reliability

Remy reduces a QSRs reliance on a labor force that is shrinking in size.

  • Automates the process of inventory management
  • Helps reduce human error and improves order accuracy

Our vision

We want to create a thriving food system which works better for restaurant owners, workers and consumers, so that food is more accessible and affordable.

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