Making quality food more accessible

Today’s food system is living in the past

Restaurants are operating with ancient business models and processes.

Owners are stretched, workers are stressed out, and consumers are ultimately missing out.

New technologies have been introduced, but problems persist.

They’ve focused on improving processes with data & software that still plug into a flawed system.

One area of food service is due for an overhaul.

The key issue is food and how restaurants handle it. This is where fundamental change is needed, and where the most gains can be made.

Our mission

To create solutions that reduce the cost of food service so that restaurant owners can thrive and provide higher quality food at more affordable prices.


Robotics Expert

Soroush Sefidkar

Chief Executive Officer

Technology Expert

Daryoush Sahebjavaher

Chief Technical Officer

Restaurant Expert

Ashkan Mirnabavi



Viacheslav Karpizin

Senior IOT Expert

Spencer Pickard

Mechatronics Engineer

Brittany Bartram

Marketing and business development specialist

Shady Abo El Kasim

Business Development Specialist

Advisory Board

Clayton Wood

Business Strategy & Fundraising Advisor

Scott Erickson

Sales & Marketing Advisor

Rick Page

Business Operations and Supply Chain Advisor

Amirmasoud Ghasemi

Robotics & AI Advisor

Kathirgugan Kathirasen

Design & Manufacturing Advisor

John Walmsley

Technical Advisor

Why Cibotica?

We have experience on both sides of the problem (as restaurant owners ourselves) and solution (as technology experts). We’re sensitive to the challenges that come with new innovations, and we have a deep understanding of the issues that need to be solved.

We want to help the whole food service industry to innovate and evolve, and we hope to collaborate with other technologies to create a better system for everyone.